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With Malaysia’s third lockdown to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives as we know it are thrust yet again back into the online realm. Students across the nation are having to adjust into the lifestyle of learning online and being away from physical classrooms. This can be a challenging time of adjustment for many students but here at Lil Faculty, we are making every effort to ease those adjustments for your children. Without knowing when the COVID-19 pandemic will ease for Malaysians, it is an inescapable truth that online learning will be the main mode of education for the near foreseeable future.  However, eLearning is also a great benefit towards the learning process of young students today. Through online learning, students are given the comfort and space to grow and adapt their own learning styles.    Here are 5 benefits and ways Lil Faculty optimises eLearning for our students:   1. Time Conserving eLearning allows both teachers and students to save time when attending classes. Students are no longer required to travel or spend time commuting to school and parents will be able to avoid the stress that comes with arranging transport for kids. Instead, students will be able to
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